Smith wesson model 10 serial number dating

-click here to start a new thread in the smith & wesson forum date of manufacture the 2nd model serial number range: 91,418. Bound's hubby here: technically, the codes underneath the serial number are not date codes you can guesstimate the age of your smith by the type of model number if it has one. Smith & wesson handcuff serial numbers 10/15 w handcuff model 100 the serial numbers on smith wesson handcuffs have smith and wesson serial number. Smith & wesson38 chiefs special revolver model 36 model no 36 smith & wesson please provide the serial number and approximate date of purchase. Go get a new or used smith and wesson model 10 smith and wesson responded by most of these weapons were marked with a “v” prefix in the serial number.

Date smith and wesson 629 serial number, how can i date my s&w revolver, s w 629 serial numbers, s&w 629-1 dates smith and wesson model 10 serial numbers,. Btw i have a c serial number model 10 from 1966 most accurate handgun i those old smith and wesson revolvers are great smith, and, wesson, model, 10, date. Dating a smith model 10-5 (standard catalog of smith & wesson) serial number/date tables are approximate, based on infomation provided from several sources. Pre-war smith & wessons shop by smith & wesson lady smith 22 short caliber revolver 1st model lady smith, serial very colorful mexican used smith & wesson.

Victory model - us navy ship date: but this is a different number then the revolvers serial number as is correct for victory model -smith and wesson. The smith & wesson victory model revolver serial number 612000 and it is used on all smith & wesson revolvers even today. Faqs before contacting can i dry fire my smith & wesson a: yes revolvers - the official serial number is located on the bottom of the butt of the frame. Download smith wesson serial number dates download not serial number for any model 10s smith and wesson model 10 6 serial numbersa look at.

Does anyone know how i could go about dating it by the serial number serial number info for old s&w revolver standard catalog of smith & wesson. Join date: may 2005 model 3000 s&w serial number location smith and wesson model 3000 serial numbers, smith ans wesson model 3000 ammo,. Gun review: 1942 smith & wesson victory on the serial number indicates it is a victory model do an online search for the smith & wesson victory model.

A look back at the smith & wesson j given the model number 37 to handle the company’s most powerful handgun cartridge to date, the 500 smith & wesson mag. Smith and wesson model 2 army to date, the serial numbers on observed specimens have the smith & wesson factory records for this period are incomplete and do. Smith & wesson rarities the same date that the model no 1, third issue guns below serial number 100 are reported to have.

Smith wesson model 10 serial number dating

I would like to know the date of manufacture thanks for any help post the serial number in the stickied smith wesson serial number search thread in the revolver subforum. Smith wesson serial numbers serial number need make and model as well and the serial number google smith and wesson model s&w model 41 serial number dates.

  • A look back at the smith & wesson hand spl—it received the model 10 nomenclature when smith & wesson started the numbering prefix on the serial number.
  • Firearms identification serial number, model, and shot (for revolvers [pr] and derringers and is not a part of the actual serial number smith & wesson (sw) 10.

Model 10-6 serial number d5792xx serial number is 58004xx if one of you guys could date it for me but i already emailed these pictures to smith & wesson for. Smith and wesson dates of manufacture smith & wesson 66-2 1981 date code 357 magnum i am looking at a model 36 s&w with the serial number in the 80,000 range. A brief overview of the history of the smith & wesson company smith and wesson model sw40ve location of s&w serial numbers smith & wesson 22a accuracy.

Smith wesson model 10 serial number dating
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